The Arkansas Leadership Academy has adopted a new set of Leadership Performance Strands, Skills and Rubrics that will be used to assess and develop high-performing skills in school leadership, teaching, and learning.

Dr. Diana Peer, Master Principal Leader, lead the effort in the development of the new Leadership Performance Strands, Skills, and Rubrics that were adopted by the Arkansas Leadership Academy during the annual Partner Meeting held in December. The Academy commissioned Dr. Edward F. Iwanicki and Dr. Gloria G. Frazier, both are experts in the field of educational leadership, to review the Academy’s original Performance Areas and to make recommendations for updating the rubrics to match state and national standards. The new Performance Strands and Skills convey what is expected of high-performing principals in light of the current literature on school leadership, teaching, and learning.

Leadership Performance Strands

1. Setting Clear and Compelling Direction
2. Shaping Culture for Learning
3. Leading and Managing Change
4. Transforming Teaching and Learning
5. Managing Accountability Systems

The new Leadership Strands and Skills apply to all institutes and allow for participants to gain a clear understanding of the skills and performance expectations required of today’s educational leaders. The rubric uses a 5-point scale for assessing each skill:

(1) Beginning – (2) Emerging – (3) Applying – (4) Integrating – (5) Innovating

This system will allow for reflection and self-assessment. The new rubric also meets each individual at their current performance level and provides feedback for improvement.