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The Arkansas Leadership Academy supports and provides developmental learning experiences for different leadership roles grounded in our five performance strands:

  1. Setting Clear and Compelling Direction
  2. Shaping Culture for Learning
  3. Leading and Managing Change
  4. Transforming Teaching and Learning
  5. Managing Accountability Systems

The academy is located on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville.

Established in 1991 through legislation of the Arkansas General Assembly, the Arkansas Leadership Academy is a nationally recognized statewide partnership of 51 organizations across the state. The academy develops leadership skills that bring coherence for everyone in understanding transformational and sustainable system change by managing system components within the big picture. Modelling a collaborative learning and work culture that facilitates the development of high-performing individuals and organizations, we concentrate on developing adult leadership and learning as strategic drivers for improving statewide learning and performance.

Our partners play an integral role in the Academy through collaborating to identify common concerns, developing consensus on common solutions, and implementing strategies and action plans to achieve common goals in Arkansas education. Our partner organizations include universities; professional associations; educational cooperatives, the Arkansas departments of Education, Higher Education and Career Education; Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce; Arkansas Educational Television Network; Tyson Foods Inc.; Walmart Stores Inc.; superintendent representatives; legislative liaisons; the Office of the Governor; and the State Board of Education.


The vision of the Arkansas Leadership Academy is to be the leader in leadership development in the state of Arkansas.


Our mission is to develop, support, and sustain leadership capacity that fosters equity and excellence in leadership and increases student achievement.

Core Beliefs

Five principles

  • To change others, you must first change yourself.
  • Diverse perspectives are embraced and valued.
  • People support what they help create.
  • Change is a complex process.
  • The greatest leaders are known by the number of leaders they create.