Teacher Leader program group photo

Through our institutes, the Academy develops leadership skills that bring coherence for everyone in understanding transformational and sustainable system change by managing system components within the big picture. We concentrate on developing adult leadership and learning as strategic drivers for improving statewide student learning and performance.



Assistant Principal

The Assistant Principal Institute offers learning experiences to increase the leadership capacity of the assistant principal and positively impact his/her school’s learning environment and student achievement.

Executive Leadership Collaborative

The purpose of this collaboration is to convene a diverse group of educational leaders to develop and refine leadership skills necessary to support and expand organizational capacity.

Facilitation of Adult Learning

The Facilitation of Adult Learning Institute builds the capacity of individuals to design and lead adult learning experiences within their school, district or organization.


Leadership Team

The purpose of the Leadership Team Institute is to build individual and collective capacity to sustain a culture of collaborative continuous learning that significantly improves the performance of the system.

Student Voice

The Student Voice Initiative engages students in problem-solving, giving them a sense of empowerment and ownership in their academic outcomes, to improve the learning culture and close achievement gaps.

Teacher Leadership

The Teacher Leadership Institute provides learning experiences, resources and support for teacher leaders committed to improving the performance of all learners within the systems they work.