Leadership Team


The purpose of the Leadership Team Institute is to build individual and collective capacity to sustain a culture of collaborative continuous learning that significantly improves the performance of the system. Teams attending and implementing the learning during the three years of the Leadership Team Institute will:

  • Become a high performing leadership team that demonstrates leadership skills in the five following performance strands and twenty-two skills:  Setting Clear and Compelling Direction, Shaping Culture for Learning, Leading and Managing Change, Transforming Teaching and Learning, and Managing Accountability Systems
  • Build the individual and collective leadership capacity of other collaborative groups within the organization
  • Increase individual and organizational leadership capacity for continuous improvement of teaching and learning for adults and students


The principal must have completed (or be concurrently attending) Phase I of our Master Principal Program. Team members should include teacher leaders, instructional facilitators and a district level staff member. The team should be supported by the superintendent and be an integral part of the school structure focused on continuously improving teaching and learning.

Length of Institute

Year 1
Session 1: 4 days residential
Session 2: 2 days residential

Year 2
Three two-day residential sessions

Year 3
Three two-day residential sessions


Fairfield Bay Conference Center


There is a $8,500 institute fee for Year 1, and a $6,500 institute fee for Year 2 and Year 3. The fees cover all lodging, meals and materials for your team. The district/school is responsible for mileage to/from the institute and any substitute teacher expenses.


Year 1 applications are due July 20, 2020:

Team Institute Year 1 Application 2020-2021 – 2 Cohorts – Final

Submit your application to:
Jackie Nicholson at jbase@uark.edu
Arkansas Leadership Academy
346 N. West Ave., No. 319
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Please contact Jackie Nicholson at 479-790-7505 or jbase@uark.edu for more information.