Student Voice Institute Testimonials

“As a high school principal I believe it is important to listen to our students and their needs. When students feel valued and respected learning outcomes improve. Our participation and belief in Student Voice has had a positive impact on our school. Student Voice has taught our students how to identify a problem, create an action plan, and how to work with our teachers and other staff members to carry out the action plan. They are currently working on a plan to build a curriculum that truly allows for differentiation of instruction and the way students demonstrate learning. Student Voice has created an open line of communication between our students and staff members that has created a positive learning culture in our school.”

— Teresa Lawrence, Armorel High School principal

“The Student Voice Institute was very productive and engaging and I love it and if I get another opportunity to attend the Institute, I would not turn that opportunity down.”

— Jaylen Smith, student

“The Student Voice Institute has opened my eyes to the true impact students can have on their environment and culture. My school will forever be changed for the better, I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if our team didn’t go to the Institute. That’s something I’m glad I will never see.”

— Madison Jaronitzky, student

“Student Voice lets us see that our schools have some of the same problems and different problems, but in the end we just want to be able to learn in a safe friendly environment, and Student Voice teaches us how to work with our teachers and principal to improve our school based on what we need.”

— Maddie Minyard and Cody Allard, students