Leadership: It’s Who We Are and What We Do

The Arkansas Leadership Academy has been the primary provider of leadership development training since its inception in 1991. The Academy offers a variety of programs and institutes that develops leadership skills for students, teachers, and administrators. 


Our Leadership Performance Strands, Skills and Rubrics provide the foundation for our programs. Through learning, applying and monitoring progress in performance, educational leaders can use the rubrics to develop leadership skills, deploy results-based, systems thinking language and system change strategies.

Provides training programs and opportunities to expand the knowledge base and leadership skills of public school principals.

Assists eligible schools or school districts in collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Education.


Through our institutes, the Academy develops leadership skills that bring coherence for everyone in understanding transformational and sustainable system change by managing system components within the big picture. We concentrate on developing adult leadership and learning as strategic drivers for improving statewide student learning and performance.

Offers learning experiences to increase the leadership capacity of the assistant principal and positively impact his/her school’s learning environment and student achievement.

Brings together a diverse group of educational leaders to develop and refine leadership skills necessary to support and expand organizational capacity.

Builds the capacity of individuals to design and lead adult learning experiences within their school, district or organization.

Builds individual and collective capacity to sustain a culture of collaborative continuous learning that significantly improves the performance of the system.

Engages students in problem-solving, giving them a sense of empowerment and ownership in their academic outcomes, to improve the learning culture and close achievement gaps.

Provides learning experiences, resources and support for teacher leaders committed to improving the performance of all learners within the systems they work.

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Upcoming Events

2020-21 Application Deadlines

Assistant Principal Institute Application Due August 31 , 2020

No longer accepting applications. 

Executive Leadership Collaborative Application Due August 31, 2020

No longer accepting applications. 

Facilitation of Adult Learning Application Due September 25, 2020

Facilitation of Adult Learning 2020-21 Application


Leadership Team Institute Year 1 Application Due July 20, 2020

No longer accepting applications. 

Master Principal Program Phase I 
No longer accepting applications.

Master Principal Program Phase II 
No longer accepting applications.

Master Principal Program Phase III
No longer accepting applications.

Student Voice Institute Year One Application Due September 25, 2020
SVI Application Year One 2020-2021

Student Voice Institute Year Two Application Due September 25, 2020
SVI Application Year Two 2020-2021

Student Voice Institute Scholarship Application Due September 25, 2020
SVI Scholarship Application 2020-2021

Teacher Leadership Institute: Teacher Learning Coach Application Due July 24, 2020

No longer accepting applications.