School Support/Organizational Development Program

Purpose: In this program, the Arkansas Leadership Academy in collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) provides support to applicable schools or school districts in Arkansas.

Creation: The School Support Program was created by ACT 1229 of 2005 during the Arkansas 85th General Assembly. The Arkansas Leadership Academy was selected by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) in 2001 to design a program for low-performing schools. A state-wide design team helped create the Intensive School Support for Low-Performing Schools which eventually became the School Support Program in 2005. ACT 222 of 2009 continues the authorization of the School Support Program.
Printable Version of ACT 1229
Printable Version of ACT 222

Participants: Schools/districts may apply for services to be provided by the Arkansas Leadership Academy School Support Program.

Objectives: The School Support Program’s services include the following:

  • Build the leadership capacity of the school and district personnel;
  • Train a diverse school leadership team, including, but not limited to, the superintendent/designee, school principal, and teachers;
  • Provide a cadre of highly experienced, trained capacity building leaders to work in the school on a regular basis;
  • Visit the school at least weekly to facilitate leadership activities and provide follow-up on professional development implementation;
  • Work with the school, school district staff, school board members, parents, community members, and other stakeholders as necessary to provide a comprehensive support network;
  • Work with the school board once every 5-6 weeks to establish goals for the school district and engage in strategic planning to meet district goals; and
  • Engage the community to gather input concerning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and barriers within the school/district.

Length of Commitment: Services are provided for three years.

Please contact Dr. Tom Bennett at (870)815-1276 or for more information.